Twitter fumes at DC Comics as animated Superman film calls Kashmir disputed  
A screenshot from the movie clip.

Twitter fumes at DC Comics as animated Superman film calls Kashmir disputed  

DC comics faced a severe backlash on Twitter after a clip purportedly from the new animated film Injustice, showed Superman and Wonder Woman destroying military equipment in Kashmir and calling it “disputed” land.

A 23-second-long clip that is circulating online shows uniformed men holding rifles run amok as 2D animated figures of Superman and Wonder Woman swoop down, destroying tanks and military aircraft, and forcing dozens of parachutes, presumably carrying pilots, to land.

The voice-over in the clip says that the superheroes have ended a genocidal war in the fictional country of m’gota and destroyed military equipment in “disputed Kashmir”.

“Superman stopped a genocidal war in m’gota. The government of m’gota have been waging against its people. In disputed Kashmir Superman and Wonder Woman destroyed every piece of military equipment, declaring it an arms-free zone,” says the narrator.

It is, however, not clear if the superheroes destroy military equipment of just India or all other countries.

The video also shows an imposing Superman ordering the political representatives of Israel and Palestine to agree to terms of a deal, purportedly a peace treaty.

“You will agree to these terms…or they will be agreed to for you,” Superman tells them.

The clip has riled up Twitteratti, with many users blasting DC Comics with the hashtag #AntiIndiaSuperman, and accusing it of running a propaganda against India. Several of them wanted a ban on DC Comics while others demanded the controversial parts of the film to be censored or for it to be banned in India.

“Shows how desperate Americans ready are to assert their dominance on the world. This is the same reason why india will always keep America at an arms length. They think they can interfere in any matter,” tweeted one user.

“Westerners are now using animated movies to propagate the Anti India propaganda. These cheap stunts won’t work. Kashmir is our integral part & we won’t tolerate these offending attempts to malign us. @DCComics. Delete disputed scenes!” another user wrote.

Many of the users asked America to look at the problems at home instead of poking its nose into the business of other countries.

“Shows even when Americans don’t understand the whole situation they feel the need to interfere in others matters,” one user tweeted.

“Waiting for the story when superman will handover America to Red Indians, Australia to Native Australians,” tweeted another.

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A Twitter user also identified the aircraft that Superman is seen ripping off as an Indian Air Force F/A-18D ‘Hornet’.

According to reports, Injustice, inspired by a video game Injustice: God Among Us and the graphic novel Injustice: God Among Us – Year One by Tom Taylor was not meant to have a theatrical release and was only released in 4K, blu-ray, and digital formats on October 19.

However, it is suspected that a preview version of the film may have been leaked before its release, the clip of which is circulating online now.

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