Amit Malviya, Tipu Jayanti
Malviya tweeted, "But what better can one expect from Owaisi, whose political ancestors were the Razakars, who massacred and ethnically cleansed the Hindus in Hyderabad?"

'Tipu Sultan was a barbarian': Amit Malviya slams Owaisi for celebrating Tipu Jayanti

BJP leader Amit Malviya on Friday (November 11) lashed out at Asaduddin Owaisi’s AIMIM for celebrating Tipu Jayanti in Karnataka’s Hubbali since he felt ‘Tipu was a barbarian whose legacy is a blot’. Observing Tipu Jayanti is an affront to the sensibilities of all Indians, he added.

Tipu Jayanti was celebrated at the controversial Idgah ground in Karnataka’s Hubbali peacefully on November 10. Though Tipu Sultan’s birth anniversary falls on December 1, the date was fixed on November 10 by the former Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah when the Congress was in power in Karnataka. The Tipu Jayanti celebration was cancelled after the BJP government came to power but the BJP-ruled Hubli-Dharwad municipal corporation had given permission for AIMIM to hold the function at the Idgah grounds.

A corporator told a national newspaper that it would be unfair if they did not give permission for Tipu Jayanti and then allowed the Obavva and Kanakadasa Jayanti celebrations to be held the very next day.

Several Congress leaders too had participated in the Tipu Jayanti celebrations. According to reports, Congress MLA from Chamarajpet, BZ Zameer Ahmed Khan, addressed the media holding a sword.

However, Amit Malviya, in-charge of BJP’s National Information & Technology Dept, took to Twitter to criticise this event and turned his ire on Owaisi saying that one could not expect anything from him since his political ancestors were the Razakars.

He wrote, “But what better can one expect from Owaisi, whose political ancestors were the Razakars, who massacred and ethnically cleansed the Hindus in Hyderabad?”

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Further, he attacked Tipu calling him a barbarian, who inflicted untold miseries on the Kodavas in Coorg, the Syrian Christians in Mangalore, the Catholics, the Konkanis, the Nairs of Malabar, the Mandyan Iyengars, who were hanged in hundreds on Diwali, due to which their descendants don’t celebrate the festival to this day.

Malviya added that Tipu broke innumerable temples and churches, forcefully converted people to Islam. His sword had inscription to launch jihad against the infidels, he pointed out.

“He was no freedom fighter. He was taking the help of French, who were no less colonial than the British. Mysore would have become a French colony, like Pondicherry, if Tipu had won. He invited Zaman Shah from Afghanistan to invade India and establish an Islamic Caliphate, wrote to Napolean to invade India and ensured French victory against British. How are these the traits of a freedom fighter?” the BJP leader tweeted.

Tipu Sultan, a 17th-century ruler of the Mysore kingdom, had died fighting the British in 1799. Hindutva outfits label him as anti-Hindu, alleging that he had killed several Hindus and imposed the Persian language during his rule.

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