Tharoor praises Pak PM Imran Khan for remembering Tipu Sultan

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"Listened to the Pradhan Showman. Nothing about how to ease peoples pain," Tharoor said.

Congress leader Shashi Tharoor on Tuesday (May 7) took to Twitter to praise Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan for remembering Tipu Sultan’s death anniversary on May 4.

On May 4, Imran Khan tweeted that he admired Tipu Sultan as “he preferred freedom and died fighting for it rather than live a life of enslavement”.

Tharoor applauded Khan’s interest in the history of the subcontinent, which he described as “genuine & far-reaching”.

“He read; he cares. It is disappointing, though, that it took a Pakistani leader to remember a great Indian hero on his punyathithi,” Tharoor added.


Tipu Sultan, also known as the Tiger of Mysore, was the ruler of the kingdom of Mysore between 1782 and 1799. He died on May 4, 1799 while fighting British-led forces who breached the city of Seringapatam (currently known as Srirangapatna).