Tablighi Jamaat chief under self-quarantine at relative’s house, claims PA

Personal assistant says Maulana not used to technology, never dealt with police, media or lawyers

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The Kerala government had sought MEAs approval for signing an MoU with the UAE Red Crescent Authority - an NGO -- for a project. Representational Photo: PTI

A week after remaining untraceable, Tablighi Jamaat leader Maulana Muhammad Saad Kandhlawi is claimed to have been staying at a relative’s house in Delhi and has quarantined himself, Indian Express reported.

According to Maulana Saad’s personal assistant M Aleem, the chief of the religious movement has no phone or is not used to technology. He had never dealt with the police or media or lawyers, said Aleem.

Tablighi Jamaat organised a religious congregation in Delhi last month that has allegedly left hundreds of attendees infected with the coronavirus. Due to this, the Delhi police filed a case against Maulana Saad and at least five others of the Jamaat on March 31. Since then, Maulana Saad had remained untraceable.

In the meantime, a 28-minute YouTube audio clip was uploaded by a channel, named Delhi Markaz. In the clip, a man is heard saying remove from the heart the thought of closing mosques or moving out in fear of the disease. The man has been claimed to be Maulana Saad.


However, Shahid Ali, Jamaat’s lawyer, told Indian Express Delhi Markaz did not have a YouTube channel. He added that the Markaz had no social media accounts either and the voice in the audio clip was not of Maulana Saad.