Sunny Deol, Kangana, Suvendu: How Centre uses X,Y,Z on its favourites

Whether it is defending its farm laws or berating political rivals, celebrities and politicians who have supported the Centre have received the favour back in form of a sturdy security detail

While actors Kangana Ranaut and Sunny Deol were given Y Plus security, former Bengal minister Suvendu Adhikari was given Z Plus security ahead of his rumoured jump to the BJP

‘Your allegiance, our protection’ seems to be the new unwritten agreement between the BJP-led Centre and its poster children, mostly celebrities and politicians, who speak in its favour, at times churning humungous controversies.

The latest instance is the Y-Category (or Y Plus) security cover given to actor and BJP MP Sunny Deol, who had recently defended the government’s farm laws in the backdrop of the massive protest by farmers at Delhi.

The 64-year-old MP from Gurdaspur will have 11 personnel including two commandos and policemen guarding him from now.

Deol, who hails from Punjab, was recently criticised when he supported the Centre’s farm laws and called the protests at Delhi an ‘agenda-driven’ exercise, even as prominent actors, singers and sportspersons from the state extended their support to the protesting farmers at Delhi.


“I know that many people want to take advantage of the situation and are creating problems. They are not thinking of farmers. They may have their own agenda. I stand with my party and farmers and will always be with farmers. Our government always thinks of the betterment of farmers and I am sure that the government will ensure the right outcome after holding talks with farmers,” Deol tweeted last week.

The Y plus security detail is third in the rung of a series of protective cover given to VIPs who are believed to be under threat. Only 15 people in the country including Chief Justice of India SA Bobde and Union Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad enjoy the security cover which comes next to Z plus, Z and is followed by Y and X category security covers.

The Centre in September provided the same security cover to actor Kangana Ranaut when she feared for her life during the height of her spat with Shiv Sena leader Sanjay Raut.

The actor who of late, has been vocal about her support for the Narendra Modi government, took the Shiv Sena and Mumbai police head on over the suicide of actor Sushant Singh Rajput and said Maharashtra felt like Pakistan-occupied Kashmir.

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Apart from using the Pakistan rhetoric at those who counter her, Kangana has frequently shown her disdain for ‘anti-nationals,’ and ‘left media’ to prove her allegiance to the BJP.

In a recent gesture of support for the Centre, the actor picked a fight with Punjabi actor Diljit Dosanjh and berated Priyanka Chopra, while accusing them of ‘misleading and encouraging’ the farmers’ protests.

The Ministry of Home Affairs on Tuesday, provided Z plus security to rebel Trinamool Congress MLA Suvendu Adhikari who recently resigned from his ministerial berth and is rumoured to be planning to join the BJP.

The Z plus security cover is a detail of 55 personnel including 10 or more NSG commandos and police personnel. Only 17 VIPS including Home Minister Amit Shah and the Gandhis are provided the security cover.

The former state minister of transport, irrigation and water resources had been reportedly upset over organisational decisions in the party and had been organising events and campaigns without the TMC banner.

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The MLA from Nandigram who has a hold over at least 30 to 50 seats in the 294 Assembly seats, is a prized catch for the saffron party which is trying to make inroads into the state ahead of the Assembly polls in 2021.