Study says 70% to avoid public transport, 62% cabs post lockdown

About 30 per cent, who don't own a car, say they will but a new one to reduce usage of public transport

62 per cent of respondents said they would stay away from Ola, Uber and other ride-hailing apps. Photo: iStock

Around 70 per cent of respondents to a pan-India survey have said they would avoid using public transport after the COVID-19 lockdown. The crisis is likely to have a negative impact on cab aggregators too as 62 per cent said they would stay away from Ola, Uber and other ride-hailing apps.

The survey was conducted with a sample size of 3,000 by Velocity MR, a market research and insights provider. It revealed that 71 per cent of the respondents would reduce shopping in malls and supermarkets, while 80 per cent would do online shopping. About 90 per cent of the respondents said they would shift to digital payments.

The survey also found that 47 per cent were planning to invest in Mutual Funds, while 33 per cent in shares and 30 per cent in gold. However, around 60 per cent have claimed that they would not make any new investments in the next six months following the lockdown. More than 60 per cent of the respondents had donated to the PM CARES Fund.

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In terms of transportation, over 30 per cent, who did not own a car, have said they would purchase a new car to reduce the usage of public transport. While about 80 per cent have said the non-availability of liquor and cigarettes have benefitted them, 74 of the respondents consider working from home as an advantage.

The survey also found that around 70 per cent had begun doing exercises and workouts after the imposition of the lockdown and more than half of the respondents had made changes to their regular diet by either cutting down on the quantity of food they ate or by having eating healthy food.