SRK gave up all his professional activities to help Aryan’s legal team
In happier and saner days: SRK with his son Aryan Khan

SRK gave up all his professional activities to help Aryan’s legal team

Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan gave notes and suggestions to the legal team working for his son Aryan’s bail, Aryan’s lawyer Mukul Rohatgi said on Thursday.

After the Bombay High Court gave bail to Aryan, his father wept “tears of joy”, the former attorney general of India said.

Aryan, 23, was arrested after a Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) raid on a cruise ship on October 2. He has been in Mumbai’s Arthur Road Jail since, and is due for release on Friday.

Rohatgi represented Aryan in the HC for three days. Shah Rukh spent much of those days holed up with the legal team, monitoring every development.

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“I got instructions from Shah Rukh Khan… who was in constant touch with me,” Rohatgi told NDTV.

“Unfortunately, they had lost in the lower court. So it came to the high court and one month has gone by. And the parents were very, very worried. And that is why they were taking a very great interest in the case. Shah Rukh Khan had given up all his professional activities. And he was very much available at all times. He was in fact making notes to help this legal team of what he remembered about those chats and about this and about that,” Rohatgi said.

“He is not a lawyer. But he has a very strong common sense and perception. He was trying to tell me the background… where his son studied… who all did he know and what those [WhatsApp messages that NCB relied on to make its case] chats are about. He did not have those chats. The chats are on Aryan’s phone and the phone is with them [NCB]. He gave me all the background saying this could help you. He was very savvy and hands-on,” Rohatgi said.

“The father had tears of joy in his eyes.” 

Though the trial will take time to conclude, Rohatgi called the bail a “big relief”. 

“He [Aryan] is a young person of an impressionable age. Long incarceration has the effect of bad influences on young people when put in bad company,” said the lawyer.

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