SC terms allegations against CJI “false and scurrilous”

CJI, PM Modi, judges, The Federal, English news website.
Ranjan Gogoi. Photo/PTI.

Responding to questions posed by media houses, the Supreme Court (SC) of India has said that the allegations are “completely and absolutely false and scurrilous.” It said, that the allegations are being made as a pressure tactics to come out of the criminal proceedings against the complainant.

“It’s also very possible that there are mischievious forces behind all this, with an intention to malign the institution,” the statement said.

The email briefed that the complainant was dismissed from her post of a lower division clerk as she allegedly took bribe to assure employment in the SC. Her request for bail in an ongoing case in this regard, was cancelled as she threatened the complainant.

The SC further said that the woman and her family have criminal antecedents and that there are two on-going investigations against them. During the course of her employment and after her termination, till date, the alleged victim has not made any complaint, said the secretary general of the SC. “It is not only mischievious but a complete afterthought of her to make these false allegations at this time.”