Ramdev hurls barbs at Muslims, accuses them of abducting Hindu women

Speaking at a gathering of seers in Rajasthan's Barmer town, Ramdev alleged that Islam and Christianity were obsessed with conversion while Hinduism taught its followers to do good

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Baba Ramdev in a file photo

In provocative remarks at a meeting of seers, Yoga guru Ramdev accused Muslims of resorting to terror and abducting Hindu women while comparing Hinduism to Islam and Christianity.

He alleged that the two faiths were obsessed with conversion while Hinduism taught its followers to do good.

“Muslims offer namaz five times a day and then do whatever they want. They kidnap Hindu girls and commit all kinds of sins. Our Muslim brothers commit a lot of sins but they definitely offer namaz as they are taught to do so. Hindu religion is not like this,” he said Thursday at the gathering at Barmer town in Rajasthan.

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Viral video

A video of his speech has surfaced on social media.

“I am not criticising anyone but people are obsessed only with this. Some people talk about converting the entire world to Islam and others want to convert the world to Christianity,” Ramdev said.

He claimed that these faiths had no other agenda.

Ramdev’s barbs

Continuing his attack on Muslims, he said they become terrorists or criminals and yet offer namaz. He also referred to the attire of orthodox members of the community.

He said Hinduism teaches people not to engage in violence and dishonesty.

“Wake up early in the morning, pray to God, do yoga, do good work and good deeds by worshiping your deity. This is what Hindu religion and Sanatan Dharma teach us, Ramdev said.

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Controversial statements

Ramdev has made a number of controversial statements on many issues in the past too. The most recent case was when at a public event in Maharashtra’s Thane district in November 2022, he said that women can look good in anything, saree, salwar kameez or “even when they wear nothing”.

He later apologised for his remark after the Maharashtra State Commission for Women (MSCW) issued him a notice.

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