Rail fatality dips by 94% in nearly 4 decades from 1981-82

The total cost overrun of 205 delayed railway projects is whopping Rs 2.21 lakh crore. Pixabay

The Indian Railways has registered its best safety figures in almost four decades in 2018-19 till March, data has shown. The number of consequential accidents has come down from 1,130 in 1980-81 to a mere 59 (94.8% reduction) in 2018-19.

During the same period, the fatality figure has come down from 658 in 1981-82 to 37 in 2018-19 (94.4 per cent reduction). Last year, 2017-18, accidents had come down to 73.

“The internationally-recognised measure of safety namely Accidents Per Million Train Kilometres has also shown remarkable improvement during this period. “The number of Accidents Per Million Train Kilometres came down from a high figure of 2.20 in 1981-82 to an all-time low figure of 0.06 in 2018-19. This shows that the Indian Railways is poised towards zero-accident mode,” a senior official said.

The official said continuous safety measures adopted by the national transporter has resulted in a steady dip in casualties and injuries among passengers as well in the past five years.


While between 1990-1995, an average of more than 500 accidents took place every year over railways, with around 2,400 deaths and 4,300 injured in those five years, a decade later between 2013-2018, an average of around 110 accidents took place every year which killed around 990 people and injured about 1,500 people, according to data available with PTI. During 2018-2019, the number of accidents took at 59, with 37 deaths and 108 injured.