PM’s seven-point appeal to the public amid battle against COVID-19

From taking care of senior citizens to not laying off staff, PM lists out seven points during his address to extend the nationwide lockdown until May 3

This will be the third video conference of the prime minister with the chief ministers after the spread of the COVID-19 in the country. Photo: PTI (file)

During his announcement of extension in the nationwide lockdown until May 3, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday (April 14) listed out seven points for the people to follow in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a nearly 25-minute address to the nation, Modi said India has managed to contain the pandemic well compared to many developed countries due to its holistic approach in dealing with the crisis and sacrifices made by the people. He also sought the support of the people in following this seven-point appeal to tackle the outbreak.

Practise social distancing


The Prime Minister reiterated that people must not cross the Lashman Rekha — a line drawn by Lakshmana to protect Sita in Ramayana — and maintain social distancing. He added that people must wear masks, which could even be homemade, compulsorily.

Take care of senior citizens

Modi asked the people to pay extra attention to senior citizens in the battle against the coronavirus. He said especially the elderly people whose health condition is chronic must be given extra care during the isolation period.

Download Arogya Setu app

Calling on people to download Arogya Setu — a mobile application developed by the Centre for the people to avail essential health services and instructions related to COVID-19, the Prime Minister said the users of the app must ask others to install it on their phones.

Consume hot water and kaadha

Modi said people must take care of their health by taking natural medicines prescribed by the AYUSH ministry to boost immunity. He also asked people to drink hot water and kaadha (an Ayurvedic drink prepared by boiling herbs and spices in water for a long time).

Help poor people

The Prime Minister requested the citizens to lend a helping hand to the people who have been facing financial difficulties due to the lockdown. Modi asked the citizens to help as many poor families as possible and provide them with food.

Respect frontline workers

After asking people to clap hands and bang plates, and light lamps to stand in solidarity with the people who have been in the frontline of the battle against the deadly disease, Modi said people must respect the healthcare staff, sanitation workers and police personnel.

Don’t lay off employees

In the wake of companies sacking employees and imposing compulsory pay-cuts, the Prime Minister asked the employers not to sack people working for them. He said all people must be kind to their employees and colleagues.

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