PM Modi, leaving for US, state visit
PM Modi emplaned for the US in the morning. He will head to Egypt from the US before returning to India. (Photo: @PMOIndia / Twitter)

PM Modi leaves for US, says visit will enrich depth and diversity of Indo-US partnership

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday (June 20) said his visit to the US would be an opportunity to enrich the depth and diversity of the Indo-US partnership and asserted that together the two countries stand stronger in meeting shared global challenges.

Modi said this “special invitation” from President Joseph Biden and First Lady Jill Biden for a state visit is a reflection of the vigour and vitality of the partnership between the democracies.

Modi emplaned for the US in the morning. He will head to Egypt from the US before returning to India.

PM Modi’s departure statement

In his departure statement ahead of his visit to the US and Egypt, Modi said his discussions with President Biden and other senior US leaders would provide an opportunity to consolidate bilateral cooperation as well as in plurilateral forums such as G20, Quad, and IPEF (Indo-Pacific Economic Framework for Prosperity).

“I will commence my visit in New York, where I will celebrate the International Day of Yoga on June 21 at the United Nations Headquarters with the UN leadership and members of the international community,” the prime minister said.

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“I look forward to this special celebration at the very location that supported India’s proposal in December 2014 to recognise an International Day of Yoga,” he said.

Modi said he would thereafter travel to Washington D.C.

The prime minister noted that President Biden and he have had the opportunity to meet several times since his last official visit to the US in September 2021.

India-US ties are multifaceted with deepening engagements across sectors, he noted.

“The US is India’s largest trade partner in goods and services, and the two countries collaborate closely in the fields of science and technology, education, health, defence, and security,” the prime minister said.

“The initiative on Critical and Emerging Technologies has added new dimensions and widened collaboration in defence industrial cooperation, space, telecom, quantum, artificial intelligence, and biotech sectors,” he added.

“Our two countries are also collaborating to further our shared vision of a free, open, and inclusive Indo-Pacific,” he said.

Modi will meet business leaders, Indian community, thought leaders

In a tweet, Modi said that in the US, he will also get the opportunity to meet business leaders, interact with the Indian community, and meet thought leaders from different walks of life.

“We seek to deepen India-USA ties in key sectors like trade, commerce, innovation, technology, and other such areas,” he said.

The prime minister said he would also join President Biden and the First Lady for the state banquet along with a number of dignitaries.

Noting that the US Congress has always provided strong bi-partisan support to India-US ties, Modi said that during his visit, he would address a joint session of the US Congress at the invitation of the Congressional leadership.

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“Strong people-to-people linkages have been instrumental in developing the trust between our countries. I look forward to meeting the vibrant Indian-American community that represents the best of our societies,” he said.

“I will also meet some of the leading CEOs to discuss opportunities for elevating our trade and investment relationship and for building resilient global supply chains,” Modi said.

He expressed confidence that his visit to the US will reinforce ties between the two countries based on shared values of democracy, diversity, and freedom.

“Together we stand stronger in meeting the shared global challenges,” Modi said in his statement.

‘Strategic partnership with Egypt’

On his visit to Egypt, the prime minister said, “I will travel to Cairo from Washington D.C. at the invitation of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi. I am excited to pay a atate visit to a close and friendly country for the first time.”

“We had the pleasure of receiving President Sisi as the Chief Guest at our Republic Day celebrations this year,” he said.

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“These two visits in the span of a few months is a reflection of our rapidly-evolving partnership with Egypt, which was elevated to a strategic partnership during President Sisi’s visit,” he said.

Modi said he looked forward to his discussions with President Sisi and senior members of the Egyptian government to “impart further momentum to our civilisational and multi-faceted partnership”.

“I will also have the opportunity to interact with the vibrant Indian diaspora in Egypt,” he said.

(With agency inputs)

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