People now realise dynastic parties biggest enemies of democracy: Modi

People now realise dynastic parties biggest enemies of democracy: Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed BJP members on the party’s 42nd Foundation Day and said that the people are slowly realising that dynastic parties are the “biggest enemies” of democracy.

“Dynastic parties are dedicated to further family rule and have little regard for constitutional norms and cover up corruption and misdeeds of each other, even though they may be active in different states,” Modi said.

In reference to geopolitical developments due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Modi said that India is acting by keeping its “national interest supreme”, when the world is divided in two opposing poles.

Targeting political rivals, Modi said that when these parties, active nationally or in states, come to power, members of some families dominate from local bodies to Parliament and added that “only the BJP has challenged them and made it an electoral issue”.

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“They did not allow the country’s young talent to come up and betrayed them,” Modi said, without naming any party.

In this context, Modi said that BJP governments have run welfare schemes without any discrimination and worked to take them to every beneficiary, while previous dispensations were driven by vote bank politics, in which some sections of society were made promises while larger sections were ignored.

“The BJP succeeded in convincing people of the dangers of such an approach,” Modi said.

“Discrimination and corruption were side effects of vote bank politics,” Modi said, adding that the government machinery now works to reach every intended beneficiary, as part of its resolve for saturation coverage of welfare programmes.

“Any discrimination cannot stay in such a mechanism,” Modi said, asserting that these measures are the biggest instrument of social justice.

“The ongoing programmes to mark the 75th anniversary of India’s Independence and the rapidly changing global order, which has presented the country with new opportunities makes the BJP’s foundation day very important,” Modi said, citing the BJP’s poll success in retaining power in four states. He also noted that BJP was the first party in three decades to have 100 members in the Rajya Sabha.

Modi also asserted that BJP governments at the Centre and states have worked to take welfare schemes to every beneficiary without any discrimination and biases, reflecting the motto of “sabka saath, sabka vikas”.

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Asserting that India is working by keeping its national interest supreme, Modi said that it is unflinching about its welfare. “It is globally seen as a country that speaks firmly about humanity. India now has the convergence of policies, intentions, decisiveness and determination,” he said.

Modi also cited a number of welfare measures, ranging from the COVID vaccination programme to free grain scheme costing over ₹3.5 lakh crore and housing and cooking gas schemes for the poor, and said that “double engine” governments, a reference to the BJP being power at the Centre and many states, are working to make people’s lives better.

(With inputs from Agencies)

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