Why did a passenger ask an IndiGo flight attendant to open aircraft window to spit gutka?
Govind Sharma, a content creator from Indore, was creating a funny Instagram reel. Photo: govindsharma5906/Twitter

'Open window, want to spit gutka': Passenger tells airhostess; know why

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There have been multiple cases of passengers misbehaving in aircrafts during flights of late. So, when a passenger recently made a bizarre request asking a flight attendant to open the aircraft window so that he could spit out his gutka, people expected trouble. But, the flight attendant burst out laughing.

What is the story? A video of an Indigo passenger Govind Sharma sitting in an aisle seat requesting a flight attendant to open the window so that he could spit out his gutka, went viral. In the footage, he tells her, “Excuse me, can you open the window? I need to spit out my gutka.”

After his unusual request, the video shows the attendant and the other passengers breaking out in laughter. As it turns out, Govind Sharma is a content creator from Indore, with around 3,750 followers, who was creating a funny Instagram reel. Predictably, his reel went viral even as Sharma asked users to tag their gutka loving friends in the caption.

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Recently, there have been a slew of incidents involving unruly airline passengers. A woman reported that a man seated in business class on an Air India flight on November 26th urinated on her. According to the reports, the man was inebriated and repeatedly exposed himself before other passengers asked him to move. The flight crew provided her with new clothing and disposable slippers, and she was moved to a different seat after her original seat was soaked in urine.

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Despite the incident, the man was not reprimanded by the airline, which prompted the victim, a senior citizen, to write a letter to the Air India group chairman, N Chandrasekaran. An internal committee was established to investigate the matter and the accused was banned from flying with the airline for 30 days. The case was later referred to the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) for additional action.

Air India was fined for mishandling the case. Recently, two SpiceJet passengers were offloaded from the Hyderabad bound plane at Delhi airport after they touched an air-hostess inappropriately.

Through his Instagram reel, Govind Sharma was making fun of such unruly passengers.

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