Netizens react with memes to diesel getting costlier than petrol

With diesel becoming more expensive than petrol, users took the opportunity to share hilarious memes and jokes on social media.

A meme posted by a user on Twitter, after the announcement of diesel getting costlier than petrol Photo: Twitter

After the price of diesel overshot that of petrol in the national capital, social media was flooded with memes and jokes, with users ridiculing the price hike situation.

While petrol prices remained unchanged after a hike for 17 consecutive days, there was a hike in the rate of diesel by 48 paise per litre across the country. At present, diesel costs ₹79.88 per litre in Delhi as compared to petrol, which costs ₹79.76 a litre.

Despite the prices of petrol and diesel being linked to the price of crude oil, consumers in India end up paying a higher rate irrespective of whether the global prices go up or down.

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Although the rates differ from one state to another, based on VAT, many users took to social media to express their surprise over the steep hike in diesel prices. Traditionally, diesel was priced at ₹18 per litre lower than petrol, due to lesser taxation. However, taxes have increased over years, narrowing the gap.

After an 82-day break in revision of rates, oil companies started increasing the price of fuels on June 7.