Microsoft finds 44 million accounts using breached passwords: Report

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Microsoft will also be making changes to its hardware portfolio and consolidating its leased office locations I Pic: Pixabay

In a major security issue, 44 million Microsoft accounts were discovered using breached user names and passwords.

As PC Mag reports, Microsoft’s threat research team scanned all accounts between January and March this year and compared them to a database of over three billion sets of leaked credentials to find 44 million matches.

Microsoft has now forced a password reset for accounts for which a match was found. On the enterprise side, Microsoft will alert the administrator to enforce a credential reset.

Earlier last month, personal data of Facebook and Twitter users have been leaked to third parties by malicious applications, said an advisory issued by cybersecurity watchdog Cert-In.


However, it has not disclosed its impact on the subscribers in India, which is among the largest market for Facebook and Twitter. The apps violated Facebook’s platform policy by installing software in their platforms and by sending information to two companies — OneAudience and Mobiburn, the advisory said.

The information sent to these companies is dependent on what a user may have shared with the app developer, to access their profile information, it added.

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