Man kicked, hammered by cow vigilantes, Gurugram cops watch

The incident is a bone-chilling flash back to the 2015 Dadri mob lynching case

Photo for representational purpose only: iStock

In a shocking incident in Gurugram, a man was thrashed brutally with a hammer for allegedly smuggling cow meat by an angry mob of cow vigilantes on Friday (July 31), even as cops and passersby witness the incident passively.

The entire incident was recorded on the phone, reported NDTV. According to the report in Gurugram near the national capital, a group of cow vigilantes chasing down a truck for around 8 kms finally managed to stop it.

They pulled out the truck driver identified as Lukman, thrashed him with a hammer, kicked and beat him mercilessly, suspecting that he was transporting cow meat illegally, even as he was unarmed and could not fight back. The incident is a bone-chilling flash back to the 2015 Dadri mob lynching case when one Mohammad Akhlaq in Uttar Pradesh was killed by cow vigilantes for slaughtering a cow and consuming it.

The more shocking element in the incident is the police’s inactivity even as the horror unfolded before their eyes. After beating the man black and blue he was bundled into the same pick-up truck by the vigilantes and tried to take him back to the village where they started beating him up. It was only at this point the police interfered, and unsurprisingly the mob was audacious enough to take on the police too.


Following the incident, Lukman was taken to a hospital and a case has been filed by the police against “unidentified persons.” However, no arrests have been made yet despite the assailants’ face clearly exposed in the video.

The owner of the truck later confirmed that the meat was buffalo and that he had been doing this business for 50 years.