V Prabhakaran, Sri Lanka, Tamil Eelam, Nedumaran, LTTE chief
Prabhakaran was declared killed by the Sri Lankan government troops on May 18, 2009, in Mullaivaikkal in the northern Mullaithivu district | Pic: Wikipedia

LTTE chief Prabhakaran is still alive and will come out soon, claims Nedumaran

Velupillai Prabhakaran, the founder leader of Sri Lanka’s Tamil Tiger guerrillas who was killed by the military in 2009, is still alive and will emerge in public soon, his long-time Indian Tamil supporter Pazha Nedumaran said on Monday.

Reading out a statement in Thanjavur at Mullivaikkal Mutram, Nedumaran said the time was now appropriate for Prabhakaran to come out in the open in the context of the mass protests in Sri Lanka and the international situation.

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But he declined to furnish proof to back his claim that the leader of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) was still alive. He insisted that “they were in touch with the LTTE leader” and would say nothing more.

‘Prabhakaran healthy’

Stating that it was a pleasurable moment to declare that the “Thamizh Desiya Thalaivar” (Tamil Nationalist Leader) Prabhakaran was hale and healthy, he said this announcement should put an end to the “rumours” about his death.

Calling upon the people of Tamil Eelam and Tamils all over the world to extend their support to Prabhakaran, he said he will be announcing a course of action for the dawn and betterment of the Tamils

Nedumaran said the LTTE leader had never allowed the countries which opposed India to set foot on their land nor did it have any relationship with these countries.

Nedumaran urged the Indian government to take necessary steps to prevent China from firming up its presence in the island nation.

Nedumaran seeks support

He also urged the Tamil Nadu government, all political parties in Tamil Nadu and the people of the state to express support to Prabhakaran at this “crucial juncture”.

Prabhakaran led a separatist war for Sri Lanka’s Tamil minority as the head of LTTE. He was killed by the military on May 18, 2009 at Mullaivaikkal in the island nation’s north, ending a quarter century of the armed conflict.

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However, some Tamil nationalist hardliners have always doubted Colombo’s claims that Prabhakaran was killed although the guerrilla leader’s former colleagues confirmed his death after examining the body.

The LTTE remains an outlawed body in India since 1991, a year after it sent a suicide bomber to this country to blow up former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi in 1991.

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