Kejriwal too on a yatra, launches ‘Make India No. 1’ campaign from Haryana

Arvind Kejriwal said a necessary condition to make India number one is to provide a first-class education to each and every child in the country

Arvind Kejriwal-Gujarat polls
He compared the relationship between the BJP and Congress to that between a boy and a girl who meet secretly before marriage | File image

Coinciding with Congress’ Bharat Jodo Yatra, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has started the AAP’s ‘Make India Number One’ countrywide campaign from Haryana. He urged the citizens of the country to come together and ‘work like a family’.

Kejriwal had launched the ‘Make India number 1’ campaign earlier this month with his five-point “vision” of free education, employment, healthcare, respect, dignity, equality and safety for women as well as a fair price for farm crops.

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He had even asked the BJP and Congress to join the campaign, which he said would make India “super-rich” and the “best country in the world”.


Starting from his hometown

“I am inaugurating the campaign tomorrow (Wednesday) under which I will go to Hisar in Haryana where I was born,” Kejriwal said on Tuesday.

The Delhi chief minister said to make India a developed and prosperous country, the country’s 130 crore citizens need to unite and work like a family. “To attain this, I have decided to travel the country and will go to every state. I will join people with this movement,” he added.

Announcing the move, Kejriwal said the 130-crore people of the country dream to see India as a developed and “No.1 country in the world.”

Stress on education

Kejriwal said a necessary condition to make India number one is to provide a first-class education to each and every child in the country. “The country will not move ahead unless each and every child, rich or poor, gets a quality education,” he added.

AAP claims that it has reformed the education sector in Delhi and wants to replicate the same model at the national level.

“Till every child receives quality education free of cost, the country cannot progress. In 1947, India became independent and we have progressed in several sectors but it was a mistake to not open excellent government schools in all villages. Had every child received quality education since independence, India would have achieved significant progress,” Kejriwal said.

Veiled attack on PM

Kejriwal also made a veiled attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Pradhan Mantri Schools For Rising India (PM-SHRI) Yojana which announced on Monday under which 14,500 schools from across the country will be upgraded as PM-SHRI schools in a year.

“There are around 10.5 lakh government schools in the country. PM announced that 14,500 government schools would be upgraded. It is insufficient. If we upgrade 14,500 schools in a year, then it will take 80 years to upgrade all the government schools. We do not have so much time. We have already wasted 75 years. I appeal to the PM to take all state governments on board and upgrade all the 10.5 lakh government schools together in five years,” Kejriwal stated.

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Since storming to power in Punjab in March this year, AAP has been projecting itself as the political alternative in the country; and Kejriwal has been vocal on national issues with an emphasis of connecting with the people of the country.

He said whoever wants to join the ‘Make India Number 1 campaign’ should give a missed call on 95100-01000.