Journalist Ravi Nair served warrant in defamation suit by Adanii Group

Nair is known for covering the Rafale deal and the Adani Group’s alleged links with the BJP-led government

Photo: Twitter/Ravi Nair

Ravi Nair, a freelance journalist known for his extensive coverage of the Rafale deal, has been served an arrest warrant by Delhi Police for a criminal defamation case filed against him by Adani Group.

The 44-year-old has been asked to appear before a court in Gandhinagar.

Nair hinted at the same through a cryptic message on Twitter.

“Govt-supported oligarchs, who are neck-deep in corruption and hand-in-glove with the ruling dispensations in siphoning off the public money in the name of so-called “nation building”, can’t silence the truth through SLAPPS suits. Hum dekhenge :)” he tweeted.


He told a media website that the police haven’t told what exactly the case was or which story of his or which social media post was responsible for the defamation case. He also said that he was not given the summons beforehand neither a copy of the complaint.

Nair is slated to appear before the trial court by July-end.

Nair, a freelance journalist, is known for his investigative stories, mostly of which were critical of the Narendra Modi-led BJP government and its economic policies. He has penned over 40 investigative pieces on the controversial Rafale deal besides writing on the Adani Group and its alleged links with the government.