Apple may bridge gap between pro, non-pro models with iPhone 14

To start with, all new models under the 14 series could have 120Hz ProMotion screens

iPhone14 is likely to be a game changer with its loyal customers eagerly waiting for the launch. Pic: Pixabay

All iPhone 14 models are likely to have 120Hz ProMotion screens, which till date were limited to 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max models only. The all-new iPhone 14 is expected to be launched in September-October this year.

The decision to have 120Hz ProMotion screens across models seems like an attempt on part of the American phone maker to close the gap between pro and non-pro models, thus offering more for a lesser price. Apple Inc. may also offer 6GB RAM for all 14 series phones, much against its earlier policy where the benefit was limited to iPhone 13 pro variant, says a GSMArena report, based on a research note by analyst Jeff Pu from Haitong International Securities.

The iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max models came with the 120Hz ProMotion display OLED panels and 6GB RAM. However, the benefits were not available with iPhone 13 mini and iPhone 13.

Analyst Jeff Pu said in his note that offering top benefits in all new models of iPhone 14 suggests that the company is bridging the gap between its pro and non-pro models. It also means that the company may offer all together new features to its premium customers with the launch of the iPhone 14 series. One of them is likely to be a new 48MP main camera instead of the 12MP camera and 8GB RAM. If this happens, it will be the third time an iPhone has increased the resolution of its main camera. It is believed that the phone needs a higher resolution in order to offer 8K video recording on its Pro phones.


It is claimed that iPhone 14 will drop a full-sized notch in favour of a hole-punch camera. It is also rumoured that Apple may scrap the ‘mini’ variant in the 14 series. Instead, the company may offer an iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Max, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

iPhone14 is likely to be a game changer with its loyal customers eagerly waiting for the launch.