1.21 crore people jabbed a day: India breaks daily record

Bihar led among states by vaccinating more than 15 lakh

COVID-19 vaccine booster
India has also reached the figure of 18 crore doses in the month of August, which is nearly a 33 percent jump from July when 13.45 crore doses were administered

India vaccinated more than 1.21 crore people (till 8 pm) on Tuesday, breaking the August 27 record when it jabbed 1.08 crore people.

By this, India also vaccinated 18 crore doses in August, nearly a 33 per cent jump from July (13.45 crore doses). India also crossed the mark of 50 crore first doses and 15 crore second doses.

According to a News18 report, India is planning to complete the first dose vaccination job for nearly all 94 crore adults by the end of October. At least a dozen states and UTs could finish vaccination by the end of September itself.

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On August 31, Bihar led among states by vaccinating more than 15 lakh. This is Bihar’s highest-ever single day feat as the state has not crossed 10 lakh daily shots earlier. Bihar is followed by Uttar Pradesh with more than 12 lakh vaccines, and seven other states, including Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal and Madhya Pradesh, have reported more than 5 lakh-plus daily doses.

“No country other than India has given more than 1 crore vaccinations in a day, a feat achieved twice now on August 27 and August 31. This is equal to double the population of New Zealand. India daily vaccinates more people daily than the population of Israel,” government sources told News 18.