India summons Canadian high commissioner over ‘security breach’ at diplomatic premises

The government inquired about how anti-social elements were able to breach the security of Indian diplomatic premises despite the presence of police

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The Ministry of External Affairs on Sunday (March 26) said that the Canadian High Commissioner was summoned on Saturday to express India’s deep concern regarding the actions of separatist and extremist groups targeting Indian diplomatic missions and consulates in Canada this week.

The government sought clarification as to how such elements managed to breach the security of Indian diplomatic premises despite the presence of police.

The Canadian government was reminded of its obligations under the Vienna Convention and urged to arrest and prosecute those individuals who have already been identified as being involved in such acts.

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The Indian government expects the Canadian government to take all necessary measures to ensure the safety of Indian diplomats and the security of their diplomatic premises so that they can carry out their normal diplomatic duties without hindrance, the statement said.

On March 19, an event to be attended by the Indian envoy to Canada in British Columbia province had to be cancelled due to security concerns after a violent protest by Khalistan supporters. The event was organised at the Taj Park Convention Centre Surrey to welcome the high commissioner of India, Sanjay Kumar Verma’s first visit to the west coast.

The event was ultimately cancelled for security reasons, Global News, the news and current affairs division of the Canadian Global Television Network, had reported.

Indian-origin journalist Sameer Kaushal, who was at the venue to cover the protest, was also assaulted by protesters. Canada has also seen a rise in anti-India activities recently by Khalistan supporters who have vandalised some Hindu temples.

Last September, the Ministry of External Affairs issued a statement condemning the rise of hate crimes against Indians and anti-India activities in Canada.

(With inputs from agencies)