India slowest to reach 3 lakh-mark but lags behind on COVID-19 tests

According to data by John Hopkins, India’s all-time average daily tests has been - one per 100,000 population.

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With the coronavirus cases crossing the three-lakh mark in India, data from the Johns Hopkins University reveals that the nation has taken the longest to reach the figure, as compared to the other worst-affected nations.

India has taken 134 days to reach three lakh cases ever since the first infection was reported on January 30. At present, India’s COVID-19 tally stands at 3,00,519, including 8,872 deaths and 1.52 lakh recoveries.

India has become the fourth worst-hit nation by the COVID-19 pandemic after the US, Brazil, and Russia. While the US was the fastest to reach the three-lakh mark in just 73 days, Brazil took 85 days, while Russia 109 days. However, in the hindsight, the population of all the three countries combined, is approximately half of India’s.

Natably, US, Brazil, and Russia have conducted more tests than India. India has featured among the worst affected top 10 countries when it comes to the average daily number of COVID-19 tests, per 100,000 population. According to data by John Hopkins, India’s all-time average daily tests has been – one per 100,000 population.

Of late, India is conducting about 1.5 lakh COVID-19 tests per day, up from 10,000-20,000 people, until six weeks ago. As of June 13, US has reported more than 20 lakh confirmed cases, Brazil’s tally is over eight lakh and for Russia, it is more than five lakh.

The data also suggests that India took 109 days to reach the one-lakh mark on May 18. However, the country breached the two-lakh mark only about a fortnight later on June 2. Further, it took just 10 days to cross the three-lakh mark. During this period, the country registered more than 8,000 cases everyday.

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In contrast, US took 65 days to reach the one-lakh mark and just five days to double the figure to two lakh on April 1. In a matter of three days, the country surpassed the three-lakh figure. For all the three ranges, when COVID-19 cases grew from zero-one lakh, one lakh-two lakh, two lakh-three lakh, India still took the longest time, as compared to the US, Brazil, and Russia.

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