In US, PM Modi pitches for mutual recognition of vaccine certificates

In his speech at the Global Covid Summit, PM Modi quoted the need to address pandemic’s economic effects and the need to make international travel easy through ‘mutual recognition of vaccine certificates.’

PM Modi calls for 'mutual recognition of vaccine certificates' at the Global COVID Summit. Twitter/PMO India

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in his video remarks at the Global COVID Summit, hosted by US President Joe Biden on Wednesday, called for “mutual recognition of vaccine certificates” to make international travel easier.

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Modi added that the country has been ramping up the production of existing vaccines and expressed that the supply chains of raw materials should be kept open. The call for ‘mutual recognition of vaccine certificates’ comes at the time of ongoing distress on new travel rules levied by the British government.

Prime Minister quoted in his speech that the initiative by President Joe Biden is timely since the pandemic has caused an unprecedented disruption, and many are yet to be vaccinated. Modi added, “We also need to focus on addressing the pandemic’s economic effects. To that end, international travel should be made easier through mutual recognition of vaccine certificates.”


On the largest vaccination drive run by India, PM Modi commented that 25 million people get inoculated with vaccines on a single day. He highlighted that the CoWIN application is free and open-source software that fosters the vaccine drive in India. He said, “Our grassroots-level healthcare system has delivered over 800 million vaccine doses so far. Over 200 million Indians are now fully vaccinated.”

Modi stressed that the supply chains of raw materials should be kept open so that when the production is increased, the country would be able to supply vaccines to others. He added, “With our Quad partners, we are leveraging India’s manufacturing in producing vaccines for the India-Pacific region.”

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According to the departure statement by PM Modi, he mentioned that he would review ties with the US in conversation with President Joe Biden and also discuss issues of ‘mutual interest’ and discuss science and technology collaboration with Vice President Kamala Harris.



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