‘I can lift 50 kgs’: 80-year-old porter helps migrants for free; wins hearts

Mujibullah Rehman, an 80-year-old coolie at the Charbagh railway station, has been helping migrants with their luggage for free.

Shramik special trains
Mujibullah Rehman has been helping migrants of the Shramik Special trains with their luggage for free at the Charbagh railway station. (Photo: ANI)

An 80-year-old who works as a porter or coolie at the Lucknow’s Charbagh railway station has won hearts online after a video report emerged, where he is seen helping migrant workers at the station for free.

After the government started Shramik Special trains to transport migrant workers to their home states, Mujibullah Rehman has been helping them with their luggage for free at the Charbagh railway station.

According to ANI, Rehman works at the station for around 8-10 hours everday. The video shows that he is wearing a mask along with the uniform of the railway porters, waiting for the trains to arrive on the platform.


While talking to reporters, he proudly claims that he can carry a luggage weighing 50 kgs on his head. The video has gone viral on social media and has been circulated by users. Many have heaped praises for the porter for his selfless, noble deed at a time of crisis.

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