‘Got brain from clearance sale?’ Adnan Sami to Cong leader over Padma jibe

Sami had applied for Indian citizenship in 2015 and became a citizen of the country in January 2016

Adnan Sami and Jaiveer Shergill
Jaiveer Shergill had earlier criticised the Modi government for bestowing the Padma Shri on Adnan Sami | File Photo

Adnan Sami on Monday (January 27) launched a salvo on Congress spokesperson Jaiveer Shergill for criticising the Modi government after the singer was awarded the Padma Shri, and asked him whether he got his brain “from a clearance sale” or “second hand novelty store”. Soon, it triggered a verbal spat between the two on Twitter.

Sami, who was born in London, is the son of a Pakistan Air Force veteran. He had applied for Indian citizenship in 2015 and became a citizen of the country in January 2016.

Taking to Twitter, he slammed Shergill and said, “Hey kid, did you get ur brain from a ‘Clearance Sale’ or from a second hand novelty store? Did they teach u in Berkley that a son is to be held accountable or penalised for the acts of his parents? And ur a lawyer? Is that what u learned in law school? Good luck with that (sic)!”


Shergill, who is a Supreme Court lawyer and a former student of University of Berkley, had earlier criticised the Modi government saying, “Kargil war veteran and retired army officer Mohammad Sanaullah who fought for India declared “foreigner” after #NRC and #adnansami whose family fought against India honored with Padma Shri – This is the magic of #NRC & Govt Chamchagiri!! (sic)”

Replying to Sami’s “clearance sale” remark, he said, “Uncle, I can reply in ur language but “Indian” culture teaches us to be respectful even to our enemies-u jumped border only recently so guess ur still learning. Objection is to Policy of declaring Indian Soldier as foreigner & giving award to family of a Pak soldier. Good Day (sic).”

Sami responded to Shergill saying “don’t uncle me now” and slammed him for using the word “chamchagiri”. “Don’t ’Uncle’ me NOW & talk nonsense about knowing “Indian” culture NOW when in ur statement u hv d audacity of using uncouth words such as “Chamchagiri” which speaks volumes of ur lack of ‘culture’ & disregard 4 any form of respect 4 elders which is d ESSENCE of INDIAN CULTURE (sic)!!” Sami said in a tweet.

He added, “& while ur at it ‘Mr. Lawyer’ know the meaning of ‘JUST JUMPED BORDER’..Perhaps ur ‘Trial-Expired-Brain’ (which u didn’t renew) didn’t know that I firstly came in “legally” as opposed to ‘jumped’ & secondly, lived ‘legally’ for 18 years in India before becoming a ‘legal citizen’ (sic)!”

The Twitter spat continued with Shergill replying, “Well Uncle Ji, let me break to you that I don’t need lecture on Indian Culture from a person who has distanced or disowned his own father for sake of earning few claps on Twitter-Acha this reminds me can you highlight 5 contributions you made towards India in last 5 years (sic)?”

And it went on with Sami replying, “Again u speak with ur presumptuous ignorant pedestrian pea-brain! Whr have I dared to distance myself from my mighty father whom I love & respect beyond words?? He is my other self!! Don’t u dare presume to talk about my sacred relationship with my late illustrious father bachay (sic)!” “Haha! That was not my father speaking!! What a ignorant ******* fake peddler you are (sic)!!” he added in another tweet. A word from the quote has been omitted due to its expletive nature.

“Listen uncle-don’t u “dare me” -if not distancing then say proudly u are a son of Pak Fighter Pilot who said “Indian planes were falling like birds” -Until then stop jumping like a kitten on hot tinned roof!! Once again, 5 contributions to India batao Uncle Ji, still waiting! (sic),” replied Shergill.

On the Twitter spat, he later clarified, “Indulging in Twitter spat is not my nature but if someone will attack me personally then it is important to teach them in their own language. Making Indian Soldiers stand in line to prove citizenship & conferring honor on those from across border is not acceptable, Jai Hind (sic).”

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