Spiralling fuel prices invite memes expressing common mans frustration
A tweet on frequent fuel price hike.

Spiralling fuel prices invite memes expressing common man's frustration

Fuel prices have been going through the roof. In Chennai, petrol has almost touched Rs 100 (Rs 99.08) while in Bengaluru it is towering around Rs 104 a litre. In Delhi, the price was increased by 25 paise from Rs 89.29 per litre to Rs 89.54 per litre. In Mumbai, the fuel rates are highest among all four metros (Rs 107.52 for petrol and Rs 96.48 for diesel). In Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh, petrol has already breached the Rs 100 mark.

With no elections in the coming months, hapless consumers can do nothing but question the government using social media and what better way to vent their anger and frustration than using memes!

Memes on Twitter took BJP leaders to task for their hypocrisy. Some users shared old pics of party leaders opposing fuel price hikes during the UPA regime dotted posts under hashtag #ModiFuelScam.

Former MP Ritabrata Banerjee used a 2012 Tweet of Narendra Modi, who was the Gujarat CM then, to say: “I wish you were as concerned by the fuel price hike today like in 2012!”


Another user said: “I am in that depressed zone that I feel like going out somewhere and get myself relaxed…Then I remember my bike runs on petrol and I feel even more depressed now…”

Yet another user tweeted: “In a country whose economy is slowing down, where many have lost their jobs due to the global pandemic, the rising prices of fuel and LPG cylinders will have a disastrous effect on the lives of the common man. Is this the acche din Modiji had promised?”

A twitter expressed her anguish thus: “What are we doing about the raising petrol prices? Why we are not talking about it? #MannKiBaat #PetrolPriceHike #IndiaOnSale”

A user dragged in Union Minister Smriti Irani into the debate. “In past i have seen you standing up for jaanta for petrol price hike but now where is your concern? Hope you will respond @smritiirani”.

Senior Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra shared a graph showing increase in LPG price for the years.

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