Dubai-bound SpiceJet flight makes emergency landing at Goa airport

The flight was diverted to the Goa airport after a male passenger complained of uneasiness. He was immediately rushed to the hospital on landing

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A SpiceJet flight en route to Dubai from Madurai had to make an emergency landing at the Goa International Airport on Monday after a passenger complained of uneasiness.

Reports quoting Airports Authority of India (AAI) officials said the male passenger was rushed to the SMRC VM Salgaocar Hospital immediately after the flight made touched down. The passenger is stated to be stable.

The passenger had complained of uneasiness soon after the flight took off from Madurai at 9.20 am. The pilot established contact with the Air Traffic Control – which is handled by the Indian Navy in the morning for military operations – requesting for emergency landing.

After the ATC gave a green signal, the plane landed on the tarmac at 10.46 am, Goa Airport director SVT Dhananjaya Rao said.

The immigration and customs formalities required of international passengers, was expedited by AAI and SpiceJet for the hospitalized passenger.

The flight took off soon after.