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The racial identity of US senator Kamala Harris has come under public scrutiny ever since she was named the Democratic Vice Presidential candidate

Does Kamala hit TV remote to make it work, dry papad on driveway? wonders Twitter

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Even before the Indian American junta considers US Senator Kamala Harris – whose racial identity has been a matter of debate ever since she was named the Democratic Vice Presidential candidate – fit for the post, it seems her ‘Indianness’ needs to pass the litmus test of desi habits first.

The standards of Indianness Kamala has to match up to are quite simple, if one goes by the ongoing memefest on Twitter, which started trending after a news article said that Kamala had once asked her aunt in India to break coconuts in the temple for good luck, when she was running for the California attorney general election in 2010. It was a cue enough for Twitteratti to come up with the hashtag #YoKamalaSoIndian and suggest characteristics of a true-blue Indian.

According to Twitteratti, Kamala is an Indian if she:

Makes pochha out of worn-out clothes

Hits hard the TV remote controller when it doesn’t work

Gives missed call to Joe Biden when she wants to talk

One day she will rename Washington as Washipur

Visits Chennai every December and eats at Sabha canteen

Uses icecream dabba to keep curry leaves in fridge

You name it. Imagination has run riot and the list is endless.

Born to a Jamaican father and a Chennai-born Indian mother, Kamala, the first South Asian American and African American woman to run for the post, has been assertive of her Indian identity so far.

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Soon after she was announced as the vice Presidential Candidate for the US elections, a photo of a younger Kamala in a sari with her maternal family in Chennai started doing the rounds on social media. Another video of her making ‘masala dosa’ with actor Mindy Kaling, another American of Indian origin, acquainted the uninitiated with the fact that she has not forgotten her roots.

Only time will tell if Kamala takes a leaf out of Twitter’s suggestion of Indianness. Until then, here are a few more hilarious tweets to crack you up.

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