COVID-19: Delhi, Maharashtra, MP witness highest case spike this week

The total number of cases have gone up by 33 percent this week. This is a slower increase in cases as compared to the earlier four days, when the rise was recorded to be at 60 percent.

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Even though the rise in COVID-19 cases in the country in the past one week (April 12 to April 16) has shown a slump compared to the previous four days, Maharashtra, Delhi and Madhya Pradesh recorded the highest jump in cases, reported Live Mint.

With the country reporting more than 13,835 cases (until Friday as per ministry guidelines), Maharashtra is leading with 3,205 cases. Delhi has the second most number of active cases in the country, at 1,640, and is closely followed by Tamil Nadu (1,267).

Rajasthan (1,131) and Madhya Pradesh (1,120) are at fourth and fifth positions respectively. The case count is likely to change in the next few days.

According to Live Mint, the total number of cases in the country went up by 33 per cent this week. This is a slower increase in cases compared to the earlier four days, when the rise was recorded to be at 60 per cent.


The total number of reported coronavirus cases in the country rose by almost 18 percent, in the past two days, taking the tally to 12,759.

This shows a slower increase as compared to the last 48 hours, when the reported case count rose to 28 percent, taking the total number to 10,815.

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India’s growth in the number of cases continues to be steeper though, compared to other Asian countries such as Japan, Pakistan, Indonesia and Singapore. The country’s curve, however, is flatter than the United States. US has now emerged as the new epicentre of the pandemic, having the most number of active cases and deaths. As of April 17, 2020, US has reported 667,945 active COVID-19 cases.

India’s total number of cases is now almost double than what it was, a week ago. The rate is slower as compared to a few days ago, when the cases were getting doubled after every four days. At the current rate, the total cases may rise to 20,000 in the next four days. If the same trajectory continues after that period, the hospitals across the country may get overwhelmed in the next few months.