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Congress blasts Modi government over soaring food prices

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The Congress on Friday blamed the Modi government for the rising prices of essential commodities and accused it of deceiving people with its “achche din” slogan and “Goebbels-inspired” lectures.

“Enough of inflation they had said. Then they deceived the people saying ‘acche din aane wale hain’ (good days are going to come),” Kharge tweeted in Hindi, referring to the popular BJP slogan of the 2014 general elections.

“The result is that for the last nine years, the public is facing the brunt of inflation. There has been no reduction in the prices of essential food items.

“Modiji’s ministers make new excuses every day on inflation and keep dishing out lies and propaganda in the empty plate of the public.

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“Some of those devoted to guarding this ecosystem even teach how inflation is good for us and Modiji must have done it after some thought. They mislead people with such Goebbels-inspired lectures,” he said.

Modi to blame

“But now people are becoming aware. The public has come to know that the real sponsor of inflation is only the Modi government,” the Congress president added.

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Kharge shared the current and last year prices of essential food items such as rice, wheat, tur dal, onions, potatoes, tomatoes and milk.

(With agency inputs)

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