BJP blames Congress, Communist parties for partition of India in 1947

The BJP released a 7-minute video on August 14, the remembrance day on the horrors of partition, to lash out at the Congress, and the Communist parties, solely blaming them for the partition of India in 1947

Partition Horrors Remembrance Day, BJP video
The BJP tweeted a 7-minute long video which said that millions of poor and innocent people lost their homes and became refugees because of decisions made by people sitting inside a room. Pics of the partition

Using the day that marks the memories of the horrors of partition, the Bharatiya Janata Party attacked the Congress and the Communist parties entirely blaming them for allowing the partition of India to happen back in 1947.

On Partition Horrors Remembrance Day on Sunday (August 14), the BJP tweeted a 7-minute long video, alleging that the then top leaders of the Congress accepted Muslim League’s demand to form Pakistan without any resistance. They allowed the country, which had been one and had been together for centuries to be broken into two pieces within three weeks, by people who were ignorant of India’s traditions, culture and values.

Millions of poor and innocent people lost their homes and everything because of decisions made by people sitting inside a room, the video said, showing pictures of Jawaharlal Nehru and Mohammed Ali Jinnah sitting with Lord Mountbatten. The video largely shows Pandit Jawarharlal Nehru and Mountbatten one one side and then images of poor and miserable refugees fleeing their homes with whatever they can carry.

The video shows how the earlier division of Bengal in 1905 failed to work because people in Bengal and across the country had protested against it. And, the British had to retract their decision in 1911. But, how did the British succeed in their plan to divide India in 1947? asks the voice-over in the video. And, goes ahead and squarely blames the Congress, the Muslim League and the Communist parties for the division of India.

People like Cyril Radcliffe, who had no knowledge of India’s cultural heritage, civilisation, values, pilgrimages, in just three weeks drew the border between people living together for centuries. The BJP accused the Congress of not taking the people of India into confidence and remaining silent as the country suffered.

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According to the BJP, previous governments never spoke openly about problems and difficulties faced by the people during partition. But, Prime Minister Narendra Modi marked August 14 as Partition Horrors Remembrance Day to pay homage to those who suffered in 1947.

The Congress, on the other hand, hit back saying that Modi was using this day, the most traumatic historical events as fodder for his current political battles. Congress leader and MP, Jairam Ramesh tweeted that lakhs upon lakhs were dislocated and lost their lives during partition and their sacrifices must not be forgotten or disrespected.

“The tragedy of partition, cannot be misused to fuel hate and prejudice. The truth is Savarkar originated 2 nation theory and Jinnah perfected it. Sardar Patel wrote, “I felt that if we did not accept partition, India would be split into many bits and would be completely ruined”.

Further, Ramesh asked, “Will the PM also recall today Shyama Prasad Mookherjee, the founder of the Jan Sangh, who championed the Partition of Bengal against the wishes of Sarat Chandra Bose, and who sat in free India’s first Cabinet, while the tragic consequences of Partition were becoming evident.”

And, concluded his rebuttal with: “The modern day Savarkars and Jinnahs are continuing their efforts to divide the nation. The Indian National Congress will uphold the legacy of Gandhi, Nehru, Patel and many others who were untiring in their efforts to unite the nation.” The politics of hate will be defeated.