Anglo-Indians lose quota in Lok Sabha, 10 state assemblies

Union Parliamentary Affairs Minister PrahladJoshi too was unsparing in his attack on Rahul. Photo: PTI

The Narendra Modi-led government on Thursday (December 12) quietly withdrew reservations for two seats in the Lok Sabha for the Anglo-Indian community and 10 reserved seats the community had in various state assemblies. These states include West Bengal, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Jharkhand among others.

After the Constitution amendment bill to extend reservation to SCs and STs in Lok Sabha and state assemblies by another 10 years was passed by the Lok Sabha on Wednesday (December 11), the Rajya Sabha too, on Thursday passed the Bill.

Two members of the Anglo-Indian community have been nominated in the Lok Sabha since the adoption of the Constitution under Article 334(b) since 1952. Now the decades old provision has been done away with as the government felt that the community does not require this reservation any more.

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The reservation for members of the Anglo-Indian community had been done away with “for the time being”. The issue could be revisited at a later day, if required. Currently, there are 84 members from the Scheduled Caste and 47 from the Scheduled Tribe communities in Parliament which will continue to enjoy the fruits of reservations.

With this the strength of the Lok Sabha will come down from 543 from the existing 545 now that the Rajya Sabha also paving the way. The Anglo-Indian members were usually nominated by the President of India.

During the first term of the Modi government, two members from the Anglo-Indian community were nominated to the Lok Sabha. But the 17th Lok Sabha does not have the two nominated members.

A panel, comprising Defence Minister Rajnath Singh, Home Minister Amit Shah, Social Justice Minister Thaawar Chand Gehlot had earlier decided to do away with the two nominations.