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After RPN's exit, Shashi Tharoor taunts saffron party with 'Congress-yukt BJP' tweet

After senior Congress leader RPN defected to the BJP on the eve of the UP elections, Shashi Tharoor, Lok Sabha MP taunted the BJP through a shayari (poem) for now being a party made up entirely of Congress leaders. He fired the salvo at the end of the poem with the phrase ‘Congress-yukt BJP’ (Congress-filled BJP), obviously taking a dig at Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s slogan of Congress-mukt Bharat or Congress-free India.

On Republic Day morning, Tharoor wrote a poetic tweet tinged with sarcasm in which he said: “They are leaving their own home, maybe they have some other dreams. But now there also we feel they are our people, now that everyone there is our own.” (Congress-yukt BJP)

National spokesperson for Congress, Pawan Khera responded to his tweet stating that those who are not part or true to our ideology, how can they be our people? If they dream for their own gain, what kind of dream is that? he asked.

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Further, Pawan Khera also cautioned Tharoor not to look for their “own people” in the BJP. “We need to fight those who divide the nation into 80:20. Don’t look at them, don’t look for us in them,” he urged. The comment clearly alluding to UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath’s comment earlier this month that the UP Assembly elections would be an 80 per cent vs 20 per cent fight. The BJP had said the comment was aimed to point out the ratio of Hindus to Muslims in Uttar Pradesh.

The Congress pushed to the corner is hitting out at Congressmen defecting to the BJP as being opposed to the ideology of their ideology, which is against the 80:20 formula. For Supriya Shrinate, another Congress spokesperson called RPN a coward for switching to a party with a completely opposite ideology.

She called the battle between the BJP and Congress as a war of ideology. And to win this Congress fight you have to be brave, she had added. RPN dumping the Congress has hit the Grand Old Party hard and exposed once again the high command’s urgent need to tackle its organisational morass.

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