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Anjana Om Kashyap.

Aaj Tak reporter trolled for 'heckling' docs at Muzaffarpur hospital ICU

A journalist of a reputed news channel has been heavily trolled on social media after a video of her asking questions to doctors in the ICU of SKMC Hospital in Bihar’s Muzaffarpur where children suffering from Acute Encephalitis Syndrome are being treated, went viral.

The video shows Anjana Om Kashyap, a news anchor of Aaj Tak storming into the ICU of the hospital and questioning doctors on duty about the poor infrastructure and handling of patients in the hospital. While the video has elicited a mixed response from social media users, with some even appreciating her for the courage to ask tough questions, the overall response has been negative.

Many wondered how she was allowed to an ICU with a microphone and a camera in the first place, while those trolling her on social media have accused her of “being a nuisance” and that it was “insensitive” of her to heckle doctors and nurses and prevent them from doing their jobs.

There is an instance in the video where Kashyap is seen pestering a doctor for answers while he is moving from one bed to another to treat patients.

A few also said that she should be questioning the system, the government, or the chief minister, instead of the doctors.

Making personal attacks at the journalist, some social media users have stirred up her past on social media. Taking a dig at her biography online which says she wanted to be a doctor, some have said that she actually ended up “bullying” a doctor.

There have been a few positive responses where people called her “brave” for asking questions.

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