Webinar: Are Taxi Aggregator services led by Uber and Ola falling apart?

Webinar Taxi Aggregator

Few will disagree with the view that taxi aggregators revolutionised the process of hailing cabs around the world.  In India, they fulfilled a long-felt need for safe and reliable public transport. After nearly a decade in existence the system is gradually unravelling.

Today, hailing Uber and Ola can turn out to be a frustrating experience. Many commuters are falling back upon the traditional way of hiring taxis, by approaching travel agencies or preferring cabs charging by a fixed-meter in cities like Mumbai.

So, what went wrong? What happened to the cab-hailing revolution? The Federal plans to assemble a panel of individuals who have been either part of the taxi aggregator system or related to it. The webinar hopes to throw more light on the issue and examine its future prospects.

Join panellists Shaik Salauddin, National General Secretary, Indian Federation Of App Based Transport Workers (IFAT), Tanveer Pasha, President, Ola Uber Drivers and Owners Association, and K Giriprakash, Consulting Editor, The Federal, in a webinar hosted by V Prem Shanker, Senior Editor, The Federal.