US seeing economic boom never seen by world, says Donald Trump

Trump signed the act on Sunday as part of the massive USD 2.3 trillion package for the year-end bill to provide long-delayed coronavirus relief and fund the federal government. File photo: PTI

The United States President Donald Trump on Tuesday (January 21) said the US is in the midst of an economic boom that has never been seen before anywhere in the world.

The American dream is back and its better than ever and there is no one better than the American middle class today, Trump said.

In a special address at the World Economic Forum (WEF) annual summit, he said since he last addressed Davos two years ago, the US has enjoyed the “great American comeback” that he had predicted. “Today I am proud to declare that the United States is in the midst of an economic boom the like of which has never been seen before,” he said.

According to him, 11 million jobs have been gained by America since his election and average unemployment rate is the lowest for the tenure of any US President in history.
He also noted that the new trade deal initiated with China is very important.

Earlier, Trump had tweeted, “Heading to Davos, Switzerland, to meet with World and Business Leaders and bring Good Policy and additional Hundreds of Billions of Dollars back to the United States of America! We are now NUMBER ONE in the Universe, by FAR!!” Two years ago here in Davos, Trump had said, “I will always put America First … But America First does not mean America alone.”