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The Spanish government is on Monday (August 1) set to adopt urgent energy saving measures, Sanchez said | File Photo

To save energy, Spain’s PM tells staffers to ditch their ties

Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez on Friday (July 29) asked all his office workers to ditch their ties amid scorching summer temperatures, a move meant to save energy amidst supply shortage.

“I would like you to see that I am not wearing a tie,” said Sanchez during a news conference in Madrid. Feeling a little more comfortable would result in rational use of air-conditioning, help us save energy, he said.

“We can all save energy,” the Spanish PM said, while adding that he asked all ministers and public officials in Spain to stop wearing ties and hoped the private sector would follow suit.

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The Spanish government is on Monday (August 1) set to adopt urgent energy-saving measures, Sanchez said.

This comes amidst the ongoing Ukraine-Russia crisis. European countries are aiming to boost the production and use of renewable energy and reduce their dependence on Russian gas.

Spain too has adopted various energy conserving measures like encouraging work from home, limiting air conditioning in offices during summer and radiators in winter.

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According to a statement by the European Council on Tuesday (July 26), 27 EU states have agreed “to reduce their gas demand by 15 per cent compared to their average consumption in the past five years, between 1 August 2022 and 31 March 2023, with measures of their own choice”.

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