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Sikh man shot dead in US while he sat in SUV

A 31-year-old Sikh man was shot dead in New York City as he sat in a borrowed jeep of a friend. The incident happened days after another Indian national was killed in Maryland state of the US in a similar gun attack.

As per some media reports, the victim, Satnam Singh, was sitting behind the wheel of a black Jeep Wrangler Sahara in the South Ozone Park when the gunman approached him and started firing at him. The incident reportedly happened at about 3:45 pm.

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As per the reports, the man was taken to a nearby local hospital where he was declared dead by the doctors. The man had sustained chest and neck injuries apparently caused by a gunshot.

According to the police, Singh lived somewhere near the area of the incident and had borrowed the SUV from a friend. Some reports suggest that he was waiting to pick someone up when the incident happened.

As per some media reports, there has been a discrepancy in the account of Singh’s killing as narrated by neigbours and police. While the police said that the gunman approached the victim on foot, the neighbours said that firing came from a silver-coloured sedan when it passed the Jeep.

As per the reports, the detectives are yet to find whether the gunman was aimed at attacking Singh or had come to kill the owner of the car.

As per some reports, the incident was captured on a neighbour’s home security camera and the video record of it is being investigated by the police.

In April, a software engineer from Telangana was shot dead by an unidentified man in Maryland state of the US. The victim Nakka Sai Charan was killed while he was returning home after dropping a friend off at the airport in his silver Hyundai SUV. The man had sustained a gunshot head injury and was later pronounced dead in a hospital.

As per some media reports, in April, two Sikh men had their turbans knocked off and were robbed in separate incidents in Richmond Hill. Two alleged attackers were arrested by the police in the case.

While the previous incidents were charged as ‘hate crimes, the motive behind Singh’s death is yet to be known.

As per some reports, gun violence is one of the leading causes of premature death in the States. Also, reports suggest that hate crime against minorities is also on the rise.

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