New York mayor ‘proud’ as daughter arrested at George Floyd protests

Violent protests have engulfed over 140 cities across US since the George Floyd killing came to light

NYC mayor Bill de Blasio during a televised address on Monday morning | Photo: Screengrab

New York City mayor Bill de Blasio has responded to the arrest of his daughter during the protests over the police killing of George Floyd. “I’m proud of her,” the mayor said in a televised address on Monday (June 1).

Chiara de Blasio, 25, was arrested around 10:30 pm on Saturday in Manhattan for “unlawful assembly” with at least 100 other people and not complying with the police orders to vacate the area. She was release the next morning.

“I am proud of her that she cares so much and is willing to do something about it,” the mayor said while asserting his support for her daughter for taking part in the protests that have erupted across the country over the police killing.

George Floyd’s funeral to be held in Houston


George Floyd, an Afro-American man, was seen in a clip gasping for breath as police officer Derek Chauvin, who is white, knelt on his neck. As minutes pass, Floyd slowly stopped talking and moving. Chauvin has been booked for murder and manslaughter.

Violent protests have engulfed at least 140 cities across the US since the killing came to the light. Some protests have turned violent, prompting the activation of the National Guard in at least 20 states.

On Friday, angry protesters had assembled outside the White House, prompting President Donald Trump to rush into a bunker as a precautionary measure. He was in the bunker for about an hour, which is meant to be used in emergencies like a terrorist attack.