Zuckerberg names goat ‘Bitcoin’, Facebook pic feeds rumours, memes

The social media entrepreneur shared the photo of his two pet goats and wrote: “My goats: Max and Bitcoin.” The post got more than nine lakh reactions and two lakh comments

Mark Zuckerberg's post that became a subject of countless memes online.

Speculations are rife that Facebook top boss Mark Zuckerberg may go Elon Musk’s way and invest in Bitcoin. A Facebook post shared by the multi-billionaire on Monday (May 10), introducing his two pet goats – Bitcoin and Max – went viral and became a subject of many memes as well.

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Zuckerberg’s picture of his goats has set the social media abuzz, especially because he named one of his goats, Bitcoin. The post got more than nine lakh reactions and almost two lakh comments.

While the world debated what the post could mean, Zuckerberg was very straightforward. “My goats: Max and Bitcoin,” he wrote while sharing the photograph on Facebook. Bitcoin investors were more than glad as they got free publicity from none other than the Facebook founder.


A twitter user said: “Mark Zuckerberg named his goats #Bitcoin and Max. What most people don’t realize is Max is short for Maximalist.”

Another user said: “Mark Zuckerberg named his goat Bitcoin, @elonmusk should get us DogeGoat immediately. Smiling face with open mouth and cold sweat.”

“Which one is Bitcoin?” asked one Facebook user, while another wondered if Zuckerberg would sell Bitcoin to him.

While the pic became a subject of discussion on Facebook and Twitter, there was curiosity if the FB co-founder is going to invest in Bitcoin soon, just like Elon Musk’s Tesla.

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SkyBridge Capital’s Anthony Scaramucci tweeted to say that Zuckerberg had hired David Marcus from PayPal to run Facebook’s crypto business, concluding that this could be an indication that Zuckerberg would invest in Bitcoin soon.

“Is Mark Zuckerberg telling us he is a bitcoin maximalist with the names of his goats?” asked  Anthony Pompliano, a crypto investor.

Another twitter user said: “CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg today posted a picture of a goat with a caption ” My goats: Max And Bitcoin” and just right after that post bitcoin started dumping and a coin name Aqua Goat pumped almost 300% in some hours.”

A user joked: “After #ElonMusk dog, now #Zuckerberg  is riding #Bitcoin thru #zuckgoat ….Dog and Goat marriage is COMING SOON…”