Chinese kindergarten, Lianjiang, knife attack, six killed

China: Six people killed, one wounded in knife-attack at kindergarten

Six people, including a teacher, two parents, and three students were killed and one person was wounded in a knife-attack at a kindergarten in Lianjiang in Guangdong province in south China on Monday morning (July 10), according to a statement by a city government spokeswoman.

The police have arrested a 25-year-old man and are investigating the motive behind the attack. The police said it was an “intentional assault”.

Last year, there were two similar attacks in kindergartens reported in China, one in the Jiangxi province when three people were killed and six were injured, and another attack in southern China when two students lost their lives and 16 other people were injured.

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There are not many violent crimes in China mainly due to strict gun control regulations and adequate security by the police. However, during the past decade, there have been several incidents of attacks with knife or axe, resulting in the deaths of around 100 children and adults, and several hundreds wounded.

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