Australia considers bill to jail social media execs for violent livestreams

Political parties have spent more than ₹53 crore on digital platforms like Google and Facebook between February and May

Australia’s Parliament is considering legislation that could imprison social media executives if their platforms stream violent images such as the New Zealand mosque massacres.

Critics warn that some of the most restrictive laws online communication in the democratic world that came before the House of Representatives on April 4 could have unforeseen consequences, including media censorship and reduced investment in Australia.

The government introduced the bills in response to the March 15 attacks in Christchurch in which an Australian white supremacist gunman apparently used a helmet-mounted camera to broadcast live video of the slaughter of 50 worshippers in two mosques. The government wants the House of Representatives to pass the law on April 4, Parliament’s last sitting day before elections are expected to be held in May.