The Mandalorian most pirated show of 2020

“Star Wars” spinoff “The Mandalorian” was the most pirated television programme of 2020 using BitTorrent, according to an analysis from TorrentFreak.

Based on several sources, including statistics reported by public BitTorrent trackers, the Disney+ show was the most popular in the global ranking of most-torrented shows around the world for 2020, reported IndieWire.

For years, HBOs fantasy drama “Game of Thrones”, which concluded its eight season run in May 2019, was the most pirated show but “The Mandalorian” seems to have dethroned the show for the first time.

In 2019, during its first season run, The Mandalorian was the third-most torrented show according to the same survey.

Prime Videos superhero series “The Boys” was at the second spot while HBOs “Westworld” is at number three, “Vikings” at number four and and CBS Star Trek: Picard is five, followed by Adult Swims Rick and Morty, AMCs The Walking Dead, HBOs The Outsider, CWs The Arrow, and CWs The Flash.

The TorrentFreak survey only accounts for BitTorrent traffic, which makes up just a fraction of piracy online.

The Mandalorian finished its second season on December 18.

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