Sewa International raises USD30 million, airlifts medical equipment to India


An Indian-American non-profit body said it has raised more than USD 30 million towards its COVID-19 relief efforts in India and has airlifted a fresh lot of medical equipment to the country.

Sewa International USA is procuring needed medical equipment like oxygen concentrators and shipping them to India, it said in a statement.

Sewa said that a planeload of medical equipment have reached New Delhi marking yet another milestone in its efforts to supply much-needed medical equipment to India to help the country fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sandeep Khadkekar, vice president, Marketing & Fund Development, Sewa International, said, “I consider it to be a great privilege to be present here as a Sewa International representative at the San Bernardino Airport on this occasion to send oxygen concentrators to India by air.” For this, Sewa partnered with Another Joy Foundation to help in transporting lifesaving supplies to India. Since its inception, Another Joy Foundation has been involved in supplying medical equipment, medicines, toys, clothes, and other essential supplies to many countries around the world.


“Sewa International, rooted in the Hindu ideals of perceiving the world as one family, is looking at service to humanity as service to divinity, and is serving everyone without expecting anything in return,” Khadkekar said.

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