Rang De Korea: KCCI to mark 10 years in India with cultural festival


A full-fledged traditional Korean wedding ceremony, a fashion show and live K-Pop performances are among the top highlights of the upcoming “Rang De Korea” festival in Delhi, starting October 15, announced the Korean Cultural Centre India (KCCI) on Thursday.

The two-day festival, organised to commemorate the 10th anniversary of KCCI, has a host of events lined up to mark the special occasion, including performances of K-Pop girl group “BugAboo”, boy group “Kingdom” and “ID” Korean fusion music band that combines the traditional Korean music with the rhythm and modes of the Western music.

The festival will also witness traditional Korean wedding events of two selected couples, wherein their family and friends will be invited to hold the auspicious ceremony on the festival dates.

“The purpose of the event is to symbolically show the bond between Korea and India as life partner with the essence of Korean traditional culture through a Korean traditional wedding ceremony with pungmulpage (street musical band performance), samulnori (percussion band performance), and haegeum (traditional instrument performances),” said the organisers in a statement.


It will also host a Hanbok (traditional Korean clothing) fashion show, directed by Samuel Chung, the vice-president of the Korean Culture Promotion Association.

Besides, the festival will feature various other events such as Korean naming and calligraphy experience centre where people can witness Korean calligraphy and get their own Korean names written on the spot. The attendees can also visit Hallyu (a Chinese word for South Koreas cultural wave) flea market — one where the exhibits owned by the KCCI will be displayed.

“We want to create an experience platform which can show how the seeds of Korean culture that we have sown over the past decade in India are blooming and what fruits it will bear in the future. The festival will be the live proof to show the soft power of Korea in India,” said Hwang Il Yong, director of KCCI.

The festival will come to a close on October 16.

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