Maha: Man sentenced to death for mother’s gruesome killing


A local court in Maharashtras Kolhapur on Thursday awarded death penalty to a 35-year-old man, who was convicted of killing his mother, ripping open her body and removing her organs.

District and Sessions judge Mahesh Jadhav considered the case as rarest of rare and awarded capital punishment to Sunil Kuchikorvi, who after killing his 62-year-old mother, ripped her body open and removed all her organs.

According to the prosecution, it was suspected to be an act of cannibalism, as when the accused was caught, his mothers organs were found on the kitchen platform with salt, oil and chilli powder, and there was blood in his mouth.

Public prosecutor Vivek Shukla said the incident had taken place on August 28, 2017, at Makadwala Vasahat in Kolhapur city.


“Kuchikorvi was a drunkard. On the day of the incident, he had asked his mother for some money for buying liquor, and when she refused, he hacked her to death using some sharp weapons. The accused then ripped the right side of her body and removed heart, kidney, intestines and other organs and placed them on the kitchen platform,” Shukla said.

At least 12 witnesses were examined, and since there were no eye-witnesses, the court held Kochikorvi guilty on the basis of circumstantial evidence, he said.

By considering the case as rarest of the rare, the accused was sentenced to death, Shukla added.

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