Kerala Governor shares with media video clip of 2019 heckling incident


In an unprecedented move, amidst the ongoing row between the Kerala Governor and the LDF government, Arif Mohammed Khan on Monday shared with the media video clippings of him being allegedly heckled at a Kannur University event in 2019.

The Governor also released to the media letters sent to him by Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan and his replies to the same on the issue of functioning of universities in the state.

Khan, sharing videos of the incident on two widescreens set up at the Raj Bhavan auditorium, said a senior functionary who is now in the Chief Ministers Office (CMO) can be seen in the visuals preventing the police from discharging their functions.

“In a state where people are arrested for wearing black shirts, these things happen. The police personnel tried to control the situation and stopped the people from reaching me.


“A senior functionary, who is in the Chief Ministers Office, can be seen in the video preventing police from discharging their functions,” he said.

“Mr Ragesh stopped the police from doing their duty. Possibly that is why he has been rewarded,” the Governor added.

He also asked that if the protest at Kannur University was spontaneous why did some of them come prepared with placards? Khan further alleged all the attention of the state government was focused on silencing the voice of those differing with it and even the Raj Bhavan has not been spared.

He said the government tried to interfere in the functioning of the Raj Bhavan by questioning appointments to his staff and therefore, he took action against the same.

“They had to eat humble pie. I knew the man (government official who wrote a letter questioning the appointment) was innocent. But I wanted to send a message that these pressure tactics will not work on me. Even that has not opened their eyes. “The pressure tactics are continuing even now. That and other reasons prompted me to raise the issue now,” the Governor said.

Khan said the state government cannot curtail his powers as it was he who administered the oath of office to them and not the other way round.

In his vehement attack on the Kerala government, Khan said it was a shame the sources of revenue of the state were primarily based on lottery and alcohol sales.

He also raked up the alleged political killings in Kannur, Chief Minister Vijayans home turf, to target the Left government.

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