Rahul Gandhi in the US
Rahul Gandhi interacts with the Indian diaspora in San Francisco, California. Photo credit: Indian Overseas Congress

IOCUSA denounces allegations relating to Rahul's US visit being controlled by certain minority group

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The Indian Overseas Congress, USA (IOCUSA) has denounced allegations relating to Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s ongoing trip to America, terming them as a “misinformation campaign” to tarnish the visit.

Gandhi arrived in San Francisco on Tuesday on a three-city US tour during which he will interact with the Indian diaspora and meet American lawmakers.

Gandhi’s visit is getting so much public attention here in the US and in India. People are eagerly waiting to hear about his progressive vision and interact with him. It must have enraged a group of people to engage in a misinformation campaign to tarnish the visit, IOCUSA said in a statement on Wednesday.

It denounced the efforts to paint Gandhi’s visit as being controlled by a certain minority group with an unholy alliance with external ties.

The statement said the Indian Overseas Congress, USA, is an autonomous entity not subservient to any religious groups in the USA.

It is not the policy of the Congress party to divide the people based on their choice of religion. We welcome everyone, regardless of religion, caste, language, or region, to participate in the upcoming events, it said.

Gandhi is scheduled to attend meetings in Washington and New York. We consider all these reactions and fake news as part of a concentrated effort by vested interests to diminish Gandhi’s tour in the U.S. and are “very much part of the continuing efforts to besmirch him in any way possible. However, we are confident that people will reject these intimidation and dirty tricks in favour of openness and dialogue.

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